Millennials and COVID-19: The unlucky generation 

Dominic Brown • 12/17/2020

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Millennials have been more affected by the pandemic than other generations. Having attended school during the crash, they came of age during the Great Financial Crisis (GFC), and now find themselves enduring the worst recession in a century at a time when they are trying to build their careers, as well as focus on their personal lives.  

In this article, Cushman & Wakefield’s Global Head of Demographic Insights shares insights into why Millennials have been dubbed “the unlucky generation.”  

This article also addresses:  

  • Millennials’ challenges to working remotely
  • Economic difficulties this generation has faced
  • Low well-being and a lack of connections being two main concerns  
  • What the future holds for Millennials 

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Edge Vol5 Millenials (image)

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