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Landowners Affected By Compulsory Purchase

Compulsory Purchase Orders can be a taxing experience for landowners, who may only receive notice of an acquiring authorities’ intention once the decision has been made.

At Cushman & Wakefield, we provide an expert point of contact with the acquiring authority, reassure landowners of their rights under the compensation code, and introduce certainty into a challenging process.

Cushman and Wakefield’s CPO team has extensive experience in representing a wide variety of landowners against both regeneration and transport schemes (including HS2). Our clients have ranged from small independent businesses affected by regeneration (such as Birmingham’s Commonwealth Games Athletes Village) to household names whose major assets are affected by infrastructure schemes (such as the Heathrow Third Runway).

How do CPOs work?

The first notice of a CPO that landowners receive is a contact from the acquiring authority informing them of their intent. At the same time, the authority will also attempt to discharge their duty to try and acquire the property without using a CPO (prior to making one if unsuccessful). We provide an expert point of contact to reassure landowners of their position and provide the best guidance on how to manage a CPO.

Putting together an objection is often the first formal step in the process for the landowner. Valid, weighty objections are very specific in their nature and require expert input to be effective – either in blocking a CPO or as a lever in compensation. Cushman and Wakefield have extensive experience in writing and submitting objections and proofs of evidence, as well as ensuring that the statutory deadlines are adhered to.

Our results

Our team has recently achieved outstanding results for landowners, including:

  • Acting as part of a group that delivered a landmark business extinguishment multiplier of 14 for a KFC in Farringdon.
  • Successfully ensuring that an unnecessary CPO was not confirmed subsequent to Public Inquiry.

Expert witness testimony

When required, Cushman and Wakefield can also act as a CPO expert witness. We have a strong track record as expert witnesses at both Upper Tribunal and Public Inquiry, having prepared strong and viable cases under our duty to both institutions.

Want to know more?

If you would like to find out more about our specific expertise, or how we could work with your company, please contact a member of our CPO team at any time – we’d be delighted to hear from you.


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If you would like to find out more about our specific expertise, or discover how we could work with your company, please contact a member of our team – we’d be delighted to hear from you.