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Distributed Site Facility Management
A unique solution to manage geographically dispersed sites including retail, industrial, office, and other site types. This service is focused on driving operational consistency, delivering cost savings, operational excellence, & local site satisfaction.
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Typical Savings:


50,000+ qualified suppliers and more than 75 facilities trades:

  • On-Demand Maintenance
  • Preventative Maintenance
  • Inspection and certification
  • Project Management
  • Retail/Brand Rollouts
  • Emergency Services with 24/7/365 availability 

How we can help

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Manage Occupancy Costs

Strategic vendor management gives visibility into facilities spend, uncovering opportunities to cut costs and enhance performance.

Scalable, Efficient Solutions

A centralized program that can be quickly deployed with service level adjustments made to directly match client goals & needs.

Increase Service Quality

Account management teams centralize reporting and drive performance through measurable KPIs.

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  • Quick deployment & transition of services
  • Services levels that can adjust specially to client goals & needs
  • Variable ("pay for what you use") pricing options available

  • Retail portfolios
  • Dispersed office
  • Dispersed industrial
  • Any portfolio spanning large geographies 
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Video: 50,000+ Strong and Keeping America Open

Celebrating the front-line heroes helping our clients weather the unprecedented effects of COVID-19 on retail and other high-traffic locations.


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Helping a National Retailer Accelerate

For a national retailer, we achieved savings of 15-20% though TCO strategy, preferred pricing hourly rates, IVR, and performance management.

Scalability / program management

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51 Store Rollout in 30 Days

We managed multiple crews and sites, installing equipment and refreshing a brand after hours with an ongoing 2-4 day completion rate and no disruption to business.

High-volume rollouts

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Quick Response in Remote Location

When a car ran into a gas station 120 miles away from the nearest city we found a contractor the same day and managed the entire project from start to finish.

Service to remote locations

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If you’re seeking a dedicated team to keep your building, campus or portfolio safe, clean, and running smoothly; or are ready to fully outsource your regional or global owner-occupied portfolio, contact us to learn more about Cushman & Wakefield’s IFM capabilities.