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Industrial and Logistics

Occupier support in every scenario

Whether you are expanding, rationalising or consolidating we are able to assist at every stage from strategy through to execution.

Acquisition with a difference

Our experienced team will support you through the entire process of securing a new facility. We will work with you from the initial phase of location selection, through procurement strategy, commercial negotiations, right through to the fitting out of the new space.

We work closely with our clients to define their brief and then use detailed market analysis to inform the location decision. Our extensive experience assists in developing the procurement strategy, best suited to the individual circumstances and needs of each client. Our team of expert negotiators use their unrivalled market knowledge to secure the best possible commercial terms, not just in terms of the rent or price, but in savings throughout the property life cycle, from fit out to the end of term.

Whether your acquisition is to support the expansion of an international supply chain, or the relocation of a sole manufacturing base, we have the experience and team to assist.


Exiting from surplus real estate

We have unparalleled experience advising clients who are seeking to exit redundant logistics and industrial real estate in the portfolio, whether they are leased or owned. In particular, we are the market leader in devising and executing strategic disposals of complex industrial and manufacturing assets throughout the UK, with unrivalled experience in this field.


We offer clients a senior team with vast experience to create and implement exit strategies which meet their goals, taking into account the array of operational, statutory, political, corporate, environmental, legal and market factors which will influence strategy and impact on the success of the project.


Lease Advisory
Our Lease Advisory team is an experienced, dynamic, innovative and proactive commercial team working with investors and occupiers.

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Self Storage

The advantages of a global approach

The Self Storage industry is growing at unprecedented rates around the world. Our expertise and track record in advising clients on Self Storage, and our methodology for appraising its value, is the industry standard – and has been for decades.

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Our Occupier Representation team will support you through the entire process of your search for an office space, from the beginning all the way to signing the lease and fitting out your new premises.
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Retail and Leisure
From small market towns to the largest regional shopping destinations, retail is at the heart of what we do.
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AS - Property Management
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PDS - Design and Build
Perhaps you have a good understanding of your real estate requirements and want the certainty of a fixed price with an expert partner?
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Lease Transaction & Advisory
Cushman & Wakefield is one of the world’s leading providers of leasing advice to occupiers and investors.

Whether you want to streamline your portfolio, navigate a rent review or relocate your company, getting the best property advice from the right people can make all the difference.
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Equity and Debt
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Retail and Leisure
In today’s ever-evolving retail landscape, market knowledge and strategic intelligence are just as crucial as negotiation, expertise and due diligence.
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Oferujemy kompleksowe usługi w zakresie projektowania i realizacji projektów budowlanych (Project & Development Services) zarówno najemcom, jak i inwestorom w nieruchomości w odniesieniu do pojedynczych obiektów, jak i międzynarodowych portfeli aktywów.

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Retail and Leisure
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Logistics & Industrial
The Lease Advisory team is an experienced, dynamic, innovative and proactive market facing commercial team.
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Marketbeat Regiony Q2 2020
MarketBeat • Office

Zmiany Na Polskim Rynku Biurowym

Okres kwarantanny spowodowany wybuchem pandemii Covid-19 doprowadził do przejścia większości firm w tryb pracy zdalnej i ograniczenia aktywności biznesowej. Jak wpłynęło to na rynek biurowy w Polsce? Międzynarodowa firma doradcza Cushman & Wakefield podsumowała I połowę 2020 roku.

Katarzyna Lipka • 18/08/2020
Marketbeat Office Regiony 2019
MarketBeat • Office

Międzynarodowa firma doradcza Cushman & Wakefield podsumowała regionalny rynek biurowy

Na koniec 2019 roku, po raz pierwszy w historii, skumulowane zasoby powierzchni biurowej w miastach regionalnych były większe niż zasób powierzchni biurowej w Warszawie (5,59 miliona mkw.) i wyniosły 5,61 miliona mkw. Całkowity zasób nowoczesnej powierzchni biurowej na dziewięciu największych rynkach biurowych w Polsce (Warszawa, Kraków, Wrocław, Trójmiasto, Górnośląsko-Zagłębiowska Metropolia, Poznań, Łódź, Lublin i Szczecin) osiągnął na koniec 2019 roku blisko 11,2 miliona mkw., co w porównaniu do ubiegłego roku daje blisko 8% wzrost całkowitego zasobu nowoczesnej powierzchni biurowej.
Marketbeat Retail
MarketBeat • Retail

Rynek nieruchomości handlowych w Polsce w 2019 - podsumowanie Cushman & Wakefield

Międzynarodowa firma doradcza Cushman & Wakefield podsumowała polski rynek nieruchomości handlowych.  W 2019 roku dostarczono 406 000 m kw. nowoczesnej powierzchni handlowej. Około 500 000 m kw. jest obecnie w budowie, z czego aż 85% ma otworzyć się do końca roku. W najbliższym czasie wciąż będziemy obserwować wzmożone zainteresowanie inwestorów mniejszymi miastami – poniżej 100 000 mieszkańców, prognozują eksperci.

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