Brexit Insight Series

The current and fast-moving political picture has brought about a number of unprecedented events. We are all seeking answers to what these may mean for UK real estate.

Cushman & Wakefield helps you understand the issues surrounding Brexit and, ultimately, make the best real estate decisions.

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Insights • Logistics

Are there enough warehouses to build a Brexit buffer?

The second of a three-part series from our Research & Insight team on the implications of Brexit and the possible outcomes for the core commercial real estate sectors: retail, office and industrial.
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Insights • Office

Impact of Brexit on the UK office market

We look at the property implications of Brexit and the possible outcomes for the key commercial sectors, in this article we look at the UK office market.
Patrick Scanlon • 22/11/2018
Retail Hangers (image)
Research • Retail

UK Retail & Brexit: what’s next for retail property?

There is a raft of Brexit-related issues which are likely to affect UK retail property, and they are complex. We look at the implications of Brexit and the possible outcomes for retail real estate.
Darren Yates • 08/10/2018
UK London City
Brexit and UK Real Estate

To help with your scenario planning, download 'Brexit and UK Real Estate', our House View, which addresses some of the key issues:

  • The different Brexit scenarios
  • Likely Brexit impact on GDP
  • The short, medium and long term views on the economy
  • Office, retail and logistics market leasing volumes, take-up and rental growth
  • The outlook for capital markets


Houses of Parliament at night, UK
Brexit & Beyond Webinar

With guest Warwick Smith, who leads Instinctif Partners’ Global Public Policy Practice we look beyond the politics and process to what's next for Brexit and real estate.

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MarketBeat • Forecast / Outlook

Global MarketBeats

Access our global interactive map - a portal to the latest stats and insights for all property types around the world.
Birmingham, UK
Research • Insights

UK Capital Markets Briefing

The UK Capital Markets report charts investment activity over the fourth quarter and 2018, alongside the latest market pricing in financial markets.
Nigel Almond • 11/03/2019
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Research • Logistics

Last Link Report

This report reveals the last link of the eCommerce supply chain can account for 50% or more of total supply chain spend. The ‘last link’ refers to the final stage in the eCommerce supply chain, whether carried out by van or electric bicycle, urban or rural, to a collection point or a home.

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