Capital Watch 2019

Richard Pickering • 14/01/2019
Capital Watch covers the latest in London real estate. This issue centres on London’s near future, looking at trends across the themes of workspaces, transport, placemaking, infrastructure, foreign investment and the letting market.

This issue of Capital Watch centres on London’s near future, looking at trends across the themes of workspaces, transport, placemaking, infrastructure, foreign investment and the letting market. 

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The Recipe for Great Places

Richard Howard, Head of London Leasing argues that good placemaking should be comfortable with human nature. That means, among other things such as a mix of public spaces, activities, watersides, community and buildings that delight, that placemaking should also focus on lightly applying new technology to inter-generational wants and needs.

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Joe Borrett, Real Estate Director, Google
Interview with Google Real Estate Director, Joe Borrett

As more and more businesses begin developing and implementing workplace strategies and rethinking the role of the office as a tool to improve employee productivity and wellbeing, Andy Tyler, Head of West End Leasing catches up with Joe Borrett, Director of Real Estate and Construction at Google to talk workspaces, technology and design.

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Transport: What's Next?

Our experiences moving around London define our relationship with the city. What matters for people also matters for property: it is temporal proximity that drives the public transport premium. But London’s transport links are not just about getting from A to B. Transport infrastructure and its surrounding assets are increasingly desirable as real estate, such as the regeneration of King’s Cross. We look at the evolution of London’s transport network, its shaping of the city, its current performance, and the impact of new infrastructure investments on the capital.

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How Will London Do Business in the Future?

Over the last 20 years, London’s geography, skyline and commercial real estate market have experienced major changes. Businesses are less wedded to traditional districts, and the monolithic corporate HQs of the 1980s and 1990s are being replaced by progressive architecture designed for wellbeing and productivity. Meanwhile, digital disruption is creating young, agile companies that are growing at an accelerating rate. So, given the pace and scope of recent change, how will London do business in the future?

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Insights • Economy

Futures Cut - Reigniting Offices

Sign up to Futures Cut - the regular blog from Richard Pickering, Chief Strategy Officer, UK - a personal view of the evolving role of real estate in a world of technological, social and business change.
Richard Pickering • 23/08/2021
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Insights • Commentary

Locked Down and Locked In

What will happen in 2021? Perhaps there will be a vaccine, perhaps there won’t. Perhaps people will return to the office, perhaps they won’t. The smarter questions focus on what adaptions business and people will make over the coming year that set them on a new path for the future.
Richard Pickering • 04/11/2020
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Insights • Commentary

Is risk aversion more damaging than demand shock?

What does ‘risk’ actually mean? And do we have more to fear from these new risks themselves, or instead from the way that we choose to respond to them? 
Richard Pickering • 29/07/2020