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The Power of People

Andrew Phipps • 02/04/2020
The past month has been one of the most challenging in recent memory. Daily life disrupted, regular patterns disturbed, a 'ban' on seeing extended family, friends and loved ones and sadly the experience of personal tragedy and upset are all part of our current circumstance.

Every individual is experiencing the same but of course it impacts each of us in a different way. Parents with school age children must become teacher as well; balancing working from home with maths, languages and science. Those in key worker positions having the challenge of finding someone to care for their children while they in turn care for the rest of us.  

It has been heartening to see the overwhelmingly positive approach that people have taken to the situation in which they find themselves. Local neighbourhoods coming together to do the shopping of those less able, the applause for health care professionals and a general willingness to make life a little easier are all welcome at this time.  

There have been many political challenges and differences of opinion that have pulled people apart over the past couple of years. The rise in populism and the lack of respect or belief in 'experts' has led to divergence on a scale not witnessed since times of war.  

The past month has demonstrated that in true times of need, when people really need one another, we do come together. People do look out for one another and want to make a positive difference.

Some countries have seen the stockpiling of food and toilet rolls. There have been instances of people taking a while to understand what social distancing means. This is to be expected as we encounter a wholly different life than we had a few short weeks ago. In general people have quickly moved away from ‘I’ and towards ‘we’ in respect of how life should be approached. 

The collective will of people offers the salve to the current situation. As we see the virus continue its growth across countries, we also see the growth of people working together to battle its effects. Individuals working day and night to find a vaccine, all sharing knowledge across borders are at the frontline of the current siege. They are being supported by many millions of selfless care workers, many operating in incredibly challenging personal and professional circumstances to provide all they can to those that have succumbed and are at risk to COVID-19.

It is truly the power of people that will see us make progress in overcoming this virus and its impact. Societies across the world are finding that working together makes us far stronger than ‘going it alone.’ 

Change is here, people offer the change we need to see.


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