UK Office Pre-let Report - The Race for Space

Christopher Dunn • 04/02/2019

Pre-letting has become an increasingly important component of the UK office market, especially since the global financial crisis. This report looks at its effect on the London office and UK regional office markets.

Pre-letting has become an increasingly important component of the UK office market, especially since the global financial crisis.

The report focuses on recent occupational office trends in Central London and key regional cities, with the aim of exploring what the future impact of pre-letting could be.

Topics covered in the report include:

  • Pre-let size analysis

  • Occupier sector and location analysis

  • Impact of coworking on pre-lets

  • Analysis of how towers perform in terms of pre-letting

  • A regional pre-letting overview

  • A deep-dive on the development pipeline and what the future holds for Central London development

  • Landlord survey and interviews

  • Occupier survey and interviews

  • Conclusion and outlook for UK office property market



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