Outlook 2020 Social Change

Andrew Phipps • 03/12/2019

In our Social Change Outlook report for 2020, we look at the most important factors driving change in the new decade – not just for society in general, but also for the future of real estate.

Skills gaps and automation

Estimates suggest that up to 65 per cent of children entering primary school today will go on to have jobs that do not yet exist. This makes it difficult to equip people with the skills to compete in future job markets – and as an increasing number of jobs are automated, we will also need to retrain the current workforce.

Fragmentation of politics

As people live longer and income inequality rises, political needs are becoming harder for governments to satisfy. Tension or unrest between communities can also develop if there is a feeling of marginalisation. At the same time, politics is becoming increasingly polarised around the world.

Growing pressure on resources

A shrinking workforce and a growing elderly population will together put a significant strain on public spending. Ensuring energy security at an affordable price is a concern for both the public and private sectors, as is developing sustainable ways of managing the environment.

Societal Change Outlook report

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