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Banking & Regulatory Solutions

Our team of 150 credit-trained professionals average 20 years of experience in US regulatory compliance, underwriting and diligence projects.

Banking & Regulatory Solutions provides large teams of credit-trained professionals to assist major banks in remediating issues cited by regulators.  Our teams dive into bank files and bank systems to fix problems that otherwise may lead to regulatory fines. By bringing unparalleled depth of experience to our projects, we have built the most knowledgeable, experienced, and cost-effective remediation & due-diligence team in the market. 

Other firms analyze problems; our firm fixes them. 

Banking & Regulatory Solutions is committed to providing an immediate and effective onsite solution to our banking clients’ diligence, compliance, and regulatory challenges. Whether the challenges at hand are the result of an internal management directive or external regulatory order, our team can provide remote or onsite resources to bring your most difficult projects to a successful conclusion. 

Typical projects require loan and data validation, data remediation, system migration or loan portfolio underwriting and due diligence.  Or when the implementation of new technology is not the full solution, our team can bring deep credit and system experience to validate, remediate, and migrate loan data to ensure regulatory compliance and project success.

Our teams are comprised of senior banking professionals with an average of 20+ years of commercial credit experience working on pre- and post-closing projects throughout the U.S.  Through various market cycles, we have tackled some of the most intricate and high-profile compliance assignments in the financial services industry. We have extensive knowledge of CCAR, Reg H/FDPA, HMDA, BSA/AML, CECL and HVCRE regulatory requirements.

Our capabilities include:
  • Regulatory Compliance Projects (MRA, MRIA, Consent Orders);
  • Data Validation, Remediation and Migration for CCAR, Reg H:Flood, HMDA, BSA/AML, CECL and HVCRE;
  • Technological and Departmental Transformation Support;
  • System Conversion and Migration Support;
  • Large Loan Portfolio Underwriting and Due Diligence;
  • Credit Risk Management Analysis and Reporting;
  • Bank Target Advisory and Due Diligence for M&A Transactions;
  • Real Estate Portfolio Stratification, Diligence and Lease Abstractions; and
  • Market Reconnaissance and Site Inspection Reports.
Memberships & Professional Affiliations include:
  • Risk Management Association (“RMA”);
  • Commercial Real Estate Finance Council (“CREFC”);
  • Mortgage Bankers Association (“MBA”);
  • American Bankers Association (“ABA”);
  • Center for Financial Professionals (“CFP”);
  • National Flood /Property Casualty Insurance Association (“PCIA”);
  • National Association of Government Guaranteed Lenders (“NAGGL”)
  • Association of Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialists (“ACAMS”); and
  • Loan Syndications and Trading Association (“LSTA”).

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Alternatives to LIBOR

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With the 2019 hurricane season winding down, it seems a good time to look back and start assessing the damages and impacts we’ve seen this year on the residential and commercial property market along with its regulators, insurers, and lenders.
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Flooding in the United States costs billions in economic losses each year, contributing to its unenviable status as the most common and costly natural disaster in the country.
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