Ghost kitchens: cooking up creative ideas in response to COVID-19

Garrick Brown • 10/7/2020

Ghost Kitchens (image)

While the COVID-19 crisis has completely upended life for most of us—and appears to have forced a radical reinvention of most business models—the reality is that black swan events like these tend to simultaneously accelerate (and even decelerate) trends that were already at play in the marketplace.  

Ghost Kitchens (image)One such trend that has been accelerated, ghost kitchens, had been on the rise pre-COVID-19 as they provide an efficient and creative means for restauranteurs to have food produced and delivered via delivery apps without all the real estate and labor costs typically associated with restaurants. With restaurants struggling to survive and today’s world all about convenience, ghost kitchens have proved to be a win-win during the pandemic. 

Unlike many other businesses negatively impacted by COVID-19, the pandemic has had a significantly positive impact for ghost kitchens.  

In this article, we look at: 

  • The success of this emerging food & beverage model 
  • Why the investment community has taken notice 
  • How the restaurant industry will rebuild  

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