Automation accelerated: make way for the cobots

Revathi Greenwood • 12/16/2020

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How cobots can help with automation and productivity

Cobots, or collaborative robots, were designed to work alongside humans, enhancing an employee’s capabilities by taking over repetitive tasks. Rather than functioning completely on their own, cobots require maintenance and instruction, both of which come from human co-workers. Cobots are easily programmable and are capable of learning on the job. From cleaning to logistics to healthcare, cobots have become invaluable resources during this incredibly challenging time. 

Cobots Edge Vol 5 (image)In this article, we look at: 

  • Why cobots act as a significant productivity enhancement. 

  • How cobots help us socially distance by stepping in to do the close human-to-human work for us. 

  • Why cobots can be instrumental in assisting owners and occupiers to promote health and safety. 

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New robotic floor scrubbers are handling the tough stuff at Sea-Tac – autonomously polishing high traffic floors and charming passing travelers while they’re at it. Watch why our staff loves working with the robots, how they’re increasing efficiency for the SeaTac cleaning team, and how they can work in your facility:

Janitorial Efficiency Video C&W Services (image) Janitorial Efficiency Video C&W Services (image)
C&W Services
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