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Experiencing the Experiential Workplace

Suzanne Mehta • 12/31/2018
Experiential Banner (image)


As a society, we crave experiences. Our demands have shifted along the continuum from buying products, to receiving a service, and now to gaining an experience that is exciting and memorable. As the impact of the experience economy deepens, commercial real estate’s role in creating environments that support unique experiences has become increasingly important.

End-users must become guests and the workplace must become the sum of its experiences, not the sum of desks and meeting rooms. How do providers begin to embed experience delivery at the heart of their economic offering?

  • Define a Theme and Build a Story – This can be at the building level or across all services provided. Making it memorable means telling a story.
  • Reframe the Economic Decision – Begin by asking the question: If we charged a fee for experiences, what would we offer?
  • Be Strategic in Thought – Define the end-point, map out the customer journey and identify user needs. Ensure your experience offering aligns with organizational culture.
  • Map Out the Metrics – Whether it's improving employee engagement or increasing the number of customers, define what you aim to achieve.

This article was featured in The Edge, Cushman & Wakefield’s global magazine.