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Celebrating International Women’s Day – Queeny So, Casper Pu and Amber Lian

Queeny So has championed dozens of landmark transactions, including the Oriental Financial Center in Shanghai and ‘The Walkie-Talkie’ building in London, totaling more than RMB 40 billion.

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Queeny So, Executive Director, Capital Markets, China

Queeny SoQueeny also leads the Capital Market team’s Greater Bay Area project, conducting research and offering insights on the construction in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area.

"I am always up for a challenge, so I can test myself, and overcome my limitations to live life to the fullest. After I graduated with a bachelor’s degree in translation, I decided to pursue a career in an industry I had little formal training in: events and marketing. Later, I ended up joining Cushman & Wakefield and since then, I have felt more empowered by the properties I handle.

The pursuit of balance is something I try to do every day. After being in the real estate business for nine years now, my work schedule is quite hectic as I have to go on business trips frequently, not to mention working overtime. This only leaves me with two or three days a week to be able to stay in Hong Kong with my family. So, keeping the delicate balance between work and life is particular challenging for me. In order to balance the two, I am very self-disciplined, and I manage my time carefully to ensure that I complete my official duties during working hours and spend the rest of my time with my family – especially with my little girl. In order to stay successful and strive for balance, I get up at six o’clock every morning and work hard at full speed to get the most amount of work done in the limited amount of time I have. When I have a bit of free time, I put down the phone and think about my family and loved ones and the happiness they give me.

Two years ago, my daughter was born and I had a new identity as a mother. The constant shift of duel identities, between a professional and a mother, endows me with a profound experience as a woman and the challenges we face in the workplace. Often, women have to work extra hard to be seen, and make sure people to focus on your performance and achievements. It is especially true for mothers. Many still harbor views like, “Why are you working so hard? You are married and already have a daughter anyway.” They stop short of saying, women, especially those with children, should not focus on their career any longer. But seldom, if not never, have men heard this. I would like to take this opportunity to let people know that although women have different roles in work and life, we still respect our responsibilities as professionals and mothers and do our best in each context. The true balance that we are fighting for is more than an ideal lifestyle, but an equal respect in those dual identities.”

Casper Pu, Senior Manager, Occupier Services, Beijing

Casper PuBefore joining Cushman & Wakefield, Casper Pu worked as an IELTS teacher for seven years. In 2012, she decided to take a leap of faith and left the education industry to pursue a master’s degree in urban planning at the University of South Wales.

In 2014, after graduation and while looking for a job, Casper learned about the industry’s legendary “Cushman & Wakefield.” The saying, “go to the best platform, become the best person,” prompted her to join Cushman & Wakefield. Casper’s previous work experience and education has given her a solid English foundation with a thirst of knowledge, allowing her to be the international bridge among her colleagues and clients. Today Casper is already an indispensable member of the Beijing occupier services team.

“I think that all people are created equal, so for me, gender equality is not an issue. However, it is undeniable that we live in a patriarchal society, whether in the East or in the West and so, gender inequality is an issue we have to take on. Looking back on my first interview with Cushman & Wakefield, I had a very deep feeling that the corporate culture here was very supportive of gender equality.

For women, I think courage is the most important thing, no matter what the situation, you should courageously express yourself, courageously fight for yourself, and courageously pursue what you want.”

Amber Lian, Cushman & Wakefield’s first management trainee in new first-tier cities

Amber LIanAfter graduating from the Wuhan University of Technology, Amber Lian felt connected to the identity and culture of Cushman & Wakefield during her internship at the company and officially joined in 2018, becoming the first management trainee among new tier-1 cities. Her supervisors have recognized her serious and active work ethic and the ability to learn quickly, as well as her comprehensive understanding of the company’s strategy and service lines. In addition to her excellent business IQ, Amber is versatile in ballroom dance, guzheng and hosting (in 2018 she hosted the Wuhan Think-In event). She is also a member of LeanInShanghai, a women’s focus group committed to encouraging women in the community to share and collaborate through offline events, and offering women ongoing inspiration and support to help achieve their goals.

“As a young Chinese woman, I am very grateful to live in a time which more and more women are receiving higher education, valuing the importance of a career and leadership development, and pursuing self-realization. The day that people do not feel the need to deliberately discuss women’s leadership issues is when there will be real balance between men and women.

Cushman & Wakefield is fair, progressive, inclusive and open. At the Wuhan branch, I saw many working mothers with one or two children, who balance work and family.

As a human being who wants to stay physically and mentally healthy, dancing, swimming, spending time with family, toastmasters club, LeanInShanghai, enjoying food, local travel, meditation, watching movies, writing poetry, and volunteering are all ways I balance my busy work schedule with life.

I think the best ways to stay balanced are:1. Optimism: As the road ahead is bound to be full of hardships, don’t waste any emotion on being sad, instead smile and accept the essence of life; 2. Act boldly: Everything you want to do can be done by yourself, living without regret is living with courage. “

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