Coronavirus and supply chain disruption: prepare for impact

Bethany Clark • 6/1/2020

Supply Chain (image)

How coronavirus is challenging the supply chain

Supply Chain (image)

As the world adjusts to life during the COVID-19 pandemic, we are seeing a marked acceleration in the adoption or improvement of supply chain innovations, and an opportunity to address some pain points that had been lower on the priority list for many industries.

There are a multitude of supply chain opportunities the pandemic has magnified or highlighted, and many more that will become clear in the not too distant future. Several prominent acceleration needs have emerged and persisted already, and suppliers, manufacturers and distributors in a myriad of sectors should consider these opportunities for ways to drive business success and real estate solutions forward in this challenging time.

Supply Chain (image)In this article, we discuss: 

  • Meeting the customer where they are through online shopping 
  • Revisiting the inventory challenge
  • Leveraging robotics and autonomous vehicles (AVs)
  • Implementing contactless everything
  • Depending on data centers
  • Exploring cold storage and food processing solutions … and more. 

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