How do we move forward after COVID-19 changed the world?

Andrew Phipps • 10/7/2020

New Normal Part 2 (image)

In Volume 4 of The Edge Magazine, I shared my views on the state of the world. Looking back to that piece written only a few months ago, we were correct in our assertions that the office has changed forever, technology is no longer optional, physical presence has become digital and real change has come and— is still coming. 

Topics addressed in Part 2 include: 

  • Trends taking off
  • Impacts to the global economy 
  • Changes happening now 

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To be at the center of a global crisis is to be part of an uncertain future. The change that is seen following a crisis is often a result of a collective will to evolve. Situations that seem life-altering while the experience is occurring often turn out to be mere blips in the evolution of society. Raging bull markets, fierce bear markets, changes in government, famine, natural disasters all trigger emotional responses as they happen, but rarely do they lead to recognizable ongoing global change. This event, however, does feel different. This time, the scale, the level of attention and the helplessness and impact on our daily lives, may indeed result in permanent change, a new normal.

New Normal (image)COVID-19 will force many sectors of the economy, including real estate, to adapt and evolve. Real change is coming.

In this article, we discuss why technology is no longer optional, if the workplace has changed forever and why real change is coming in a post-COVID-19 world. 

Read part 1.

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