Cushman & Wakefield MarketBeat reports analyze quarterly economic and commercial real estate activity including supply, demand and pricing trends at the market and submarket levels.

Office: Citywide average rent levels dropped, with the vacancy rate stable at 39.0%. Improved transport networks will support Binhu and High-Tech submarkets.
全市平均租金水平有所下降,空置率年末稳定在39.0%左右。 铁交通网络的进一步完善将支持滨湖新区和高新区的发展

Retail: The market enjoyed robust performance in 2019, average monthly rent levels remaining stable and citywide average vacancy rate edging down to 3.3%.

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Office Buildings CBD
Hefei Office MarketBeat

Ping’An International Financial Center entered the market in 2019, to be joined by further new supply in 2020.

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Shopping Retail
Hefei Retail MarketBeat

Metro line extension has boosted customer traffic in key retail centers and will support emerging submarket development.

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Office Buildings CBD

办公室更新: 平安国际金融中心于2019年入市,2020年将有更多新增供应。

零售更新: 3线的开通增加了主要零售中心的客流量,并将持续支持新兴区域的发展



modern illustration of station train and passengers
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Railway Retail in France & Southern Europe

In France and Southern Europe, increases in rail traffic linked to the arrival of high-speed rail services (TGV), have encouraged the development of an in-station retail offer and blurred the boundaries with the traditional shopping-centre format. We explore the factors driving growth in this unique retail environment.
Magali Marton • 10/8/2018
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The Netherlands is missing out on opportunities

Business location criteria, will more than products or services, determine if organisations succeed or fail. The Netherlands must maintain its attractive position as the ‘gateway to Europe’ and businesses must establish themselves in locations with the best access to the labour market and working environments.
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Street in China
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Main Streets Across the World

Insight on retail trends with a global proprietary data set of 448 high street retail rents, we rank the top shopping streets by their prime rental value.  

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