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Research • Topical Report

The Edge | Volume 3

Read about future-proofing the workplace, over-tourism, meatless “meat,” digital twin technology, a client spotlight on McDonald’s and more.
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Research • Forecast / Outlook

Demographic Shifts: The World in 2030

How Boomers, Millennials and Gen Z Will Impact the Global Workplace by 2030
Dominic Brown • 1/7/2020

Research • Data Center

Global Data Center Market Comparison

Dave Fanning • 1/17/2020

Research • Coworking

CRE Executive Perspectives on Coworking

Melanie Gladwell • 10/30/2019

Research • Topical Report

The Edge | Volume 2


Research • Investment

Winning in Growth Cities 2019

David Hutchings • 10/7/2019

Research • Retail

2019 Cool Streets

Garrick Brown • 10/8/2019

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Shanghai harbour
Research • Investment

Winning in Growth Cities

Predictions for the winning city markets in 2020 and the key themes for property investment over the year ahead.
David Hutchings • 10/7/2019
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Research • Economy

Time to Pay Attention to the Yield Curve?

For the first time in this cycle, the monthly yield curve spread in U.S. Treasury markets turned negative, warranting a look at this widely tracked metric.
Revathi Greenwood • 8/22/2019

Research • Economy

Global Macro Forecast

Kevin Thorpe • 6/11/2019

Research • Topical Report

2018 The Great Tax Race

David Bitner • 1/15/2018

Research • Economy

Spotlight on Employment

Kenneth McCarthy • 5/1/2019

Research • Economy

Decade in Review

Revathi Greenwood • 12/30/2019


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Research • Industrial

Manufacturing Risk Index 2019

Global manufacturing has entered a new era, marked by the growing influence of technology and innovation on production processes and logistics.
Bruno Berretta • 4/22/2019
Five Fast Facts Top US Ports
Research • Industrial

Five Fast Facts: Top U.S. Ports

The ports are a vital economic engine for the U.S. and a huge driver of demand for industrial real estate. 
Tina Arambulo • 2/27/2020

Research • Industrial

Insider Report: Q2 2018 Industrial Real Estate

Juana Ross • 8/21/2018

Research • Industrial

2019 Ports Outlook Interactive Map


Research • Industrial

Ugly Sweater Returned - A SUPPLY CHAIN JOURNEY

Tray Anderson • 1/13/2020

Research • Industrial

2019 Jacksonville Industrial Overview



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MarketBeat • Forecast / Outlook

Global MarketBeats

Access our global interactive map - a portal to the latest stats and insights for all property types around the world.
Court Street Binghampton New York
MarketBeat • Insights


Cushman & Wakefield MarketBeat reports analyze quarterly economic and commercial real estate activity including supply, demand and pricing trends at the market and submarket levels.

MarketBeat • Insights

Portland MarketBeat Reports


MarketBeat • Insights

Tulsa MarketBeat Reports

Brett Beaver • 11/6/2019

MarketBeat • Insights

Raleigh MarketBeat Reports

Joshua Chiles • 11/6/2019

MarketBeat • Insights

Louisville MarketBeat Reports

Necia Nast • 2/3/2020

MarketBeat • Insights

Tampa MarketBeat Reports

Michelle McMurray • 2/3/2020

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Research • Retail

Global Cities Retail Guide

Get detailed retail overviews of more than 150+ locations spanning 50 countries across the world.
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Research • Retail

The Great Retail Reinvention

From axe-throwing bars to dating app cafes, food halls and escape rooms, experiences are reinventing retail.

Garrick Brown • 6/27/2019

Research • Retail

Food Halls 3.0: The Evolution Continues

Garrick Brown • 5/16/2019

Research • Retail

Global Cities Retail Guide


Research • Retail

Ugly Sweater A Supply Chain Journey

Tray Anderson • 11/20/2019

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Sustainability & Wellness

Research • Land

Urban Farming takes root in CRE

A new trend is taking root in commercial real estate that has the potential to positively impact millions across the globe: urban farming.
Garrick Brown • 12/31/2018
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Research • Workplace

Healthy working: how to bring wellness and sustainability into your workplace

The future workplace should be a workplace supporting our health. How do organizations create green and healthy workplaces that benefit their employees’ wellbeing?
Alexander Spilger

Research • Sustainability

2019 Coliving Report

Susan Tjarksen • 5/20/2019

Insights • Sustainability

Environment Outlook 2020

Andrew Phipps • 12/3/2020

Insights • Sustainability

How Cities in Asia Are Preparing for Climate Change



Research • Technology

The Great Tech Migration

Cushman & Wakefield's The Great Tech Migration report highlights which markets are booming tech hubs and why.
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Research • PropTech

Innovating the industry with PropTech

Brendan Wallace, Co-Founder & Managing Partner at Fifth Wall, and Brett White, Executive Chairman & CEO, Cushman & Wakefield, discuss the impact of PropTech and the future of commercial real estate.

Research • Technology

The power of digital twin technology

Oliver Skagerlind • 1/1/0001

Research • Micro-mobility

Scootersphere | Micromobility and CRE

Revathi Greenwood • 6/17/2019

Research • Technology

The Great Tech Migration


Research • Technology

Tech Disruptor Series

Revathi Greenwood • 8/13/2019

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Research • Workplace

How to future-proof your workplace

With so much ongoing change, how do you keep up with and navigate the impact of new trends and, armed with this knowledge, future proof your workplace?
Despina Katsikakis
workplace (image)
Insights • Workplace

Experiencing the Experiential Workplace

As the experience economy continues to mature, both real estate owners and occupiers must think differently about competitive differentiation.
Suzanne Mehta • 12/31/2018

Featured MarketBeat Reports

Fort Lauderdale Landscape
MarketBeat • Insights

Fort Lauderdale

Cushman & Wakefield MarketBeat reports analyze quarterly economic and commercial real estate activity including supply, demand and pricing trends at the market and submarket levels.
covid 19 outbreak impact of coronavirus epidemic on apac real estate market
Insights • Occupier

Potential Impacts of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Commercial Real Estate in Asia Pacific

The novel coronavirus outbreak, first reported from Wuhan city in Hubei province, central China, represents a new downside risk for the regional economy.
James Shepherd • 2/18/2020
Q4 2019 U.S. Capital Markets MarketBeat Snapshot
MarketBeat • Capital Markets

Capital Markets

2019 set a new record for investment sales volume as overall transaction activity accelerated modestly in the fourth quarter of 2019 to $152.2 B—up 2% quarter-over-quarter.
David Bitner • 2/11/2020


Insights • Sustainability

Environment Outlook 2020

Currently, buildings are responsible for 40% of energy consumption and 36% of CO2 emissions in the EU, so it is critical that the real estate sector plays its part in helping achieve climate goals.

Andrew Phipps • 12/3/2020
St. Louis Five Fast Facts Industrial
Article • Industrial

ST. LOUIS - Industrial Five Fast Facts 2019

The St. Louis Industrial market enjoyed a banner year in 2019, with positive absorption of more than 5.0 million square feet (msf) and a vacancy rate near 5.0 percent. Asking rents peaked in 2019 and deliveries hit a cycle high, all signs of a very strong market.
David Hoebbel • 2/27/2020
Cycle for Survival1
Article • Our Community

LOS ANGELES - Cycle for Survival 2020

Cushman & Wakefield in Los Angeles participated in Cycle for Survival for the second year.
Annie Canada • 2/27/2020
Charlotte WIN Wine Event
Article • Non-specific

CHARLOTTE - February WIN Event

Cushman & Wakefield Charlotte holds first WIN event of 2020.
Julee Zack • 2/27/2020
Five Things We Learned from James Patterson
Insights • Occupier

Five Things We Learned from James Patterson

For James Patterson, Cushman & Wakefield’s Chief Executive of Australia and New Zealand, diversity and inclusion should be at the heart of an organisation’s growth strategy.
office spotlight card
Research • Office

2020 Office Leasing Spotlight

Tech and big deals dominated office leasing in 2019.  The sector continues to look strong and stable.
Kenneth McCarthy • 2/26/2020


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