COVID-19 Impact: Time to Stratify the Recovery

Kevin Thorpe • 8/17/2020

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As of August 17, 2020 

Kevin Thorpe shares his latest take on COVID-19 and its impact. See a quick snippet below and download the PDF for the full update.  

Virus Update:  

  • The spread of the virus appears to be re-intensifying around the world.  
  • Reporting on vaccines and therapeutics continues to look very promising.  

Economic Update: 

  • This is the most severe global recession in the Post WWII era. 
  • Q2 is expected to be the trough. 
  • Economic growth is expected to be subpar until the coronavirus situation resolves. 

Property Update: 

  • GDP matters. 
  • There are bright spots in property. 
  • Office will also fully recover; it’s just going to take longer.  
  • Recessions create opportunity. 


Trends and Insights

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Research • Economy

COVID-19 Impact: Time to Stratify the Recovery

Global Chief Economist, Kevin Thorpe, shares his latest take on COVID-19 and its impact.
Kevin Thorpe • 8/17/2020
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Accelerator of Macro Trends

The pandemic has served as an accelerator for the rapid growth of eCommerce, office workers shifting into full-time working from home as well as the data center boom.
Kevin Thorpe • 6/17/2020
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Coronavirus Impact on Global Property Markets

Hear Chief Economist, Kevin Thorpe and other key global leaders discuss market observations and the pandemic’s economic impact on property types and capital markets across the Americas, EMEA and APAC via the webinar replay videos.
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