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Our clients entrust us with an increasing proportion of their tasks, so that they can focus more on strategic and tactical matters.

From maintenance to transformation

A real estate manager ensures that a building is and remains in good condition. This includes periodically inspecting the buildings, making proposals in the field of preventive, corrective and special maintenance and making (long-term) maintenance planning.

Generally, it is not the condition of the building that is the bottleneck, but the vacancy rate. The fight against vacancy, the call for more sustainable buildings and the challenge to make the buildings attractive in a changing market demands a multidisciplinary approach. Real estate managers are asked which strategy to follow to turn buildings into a commercial success. For example, by (re) developing, transforming, increasing sustainability or upgrading.

We tackle these questions and together with a specialized team we look at the possibilities to make an object more future-proof. This is often in collaboration with our own architects. This form of providing a service is more integral, because this approach can take into account the market, the possible value development, the investment costs and possible rental candidates. Visualizing possibilities also gives an extra impulse to the process to come to solutions.

We deliver an integral package of high-quality services to meet the challenges in this changing market together with the client.

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