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Sale and lease back: breathing space for your business

The coronavirus crisis is having an enormous impact on the Belgian economy. All businesses are affected, from small self-employed companies to large established corporates. We are going through period of extreme uncertainty, as we cannot foresee the impact of this crisis on staff, customers and the financial health of our companies. What is certain, however, is the fact that your real estate has value!

We at Cushman & Wakefield want to use our knowledge and experience to enrich your business, so that your company can have more breathing space. If your company is in possession of commercial real estate (office, logistics, warehouse,...) you can use this to help bring new life into your operational business, and we can help!  

We can assist you in setting up a real estate leasing or rental, a financing technique to strengthen the financial health of your company. One of the most common options is the Lease-In, Lease-Out (LILO), or better known as the Sale-and-Lease-back or Sale-and-Rent-back.

In this case, you sell your property to a professional real estate investor and on the basis of a tailor-made plan, the right of use is leased or rented back to you. You dispose of the property for an agreed period of time, after which you can regain full ownership by means of a purchase option. This allows your company to optimize the property in a tax-friendly way.  

The financing will be based on your cash flows according to duration, pricing and repayment terms.  

The advantages of such an operation are as follows: 
o Increase of working capital  
o Capital injection to strengthen operational business 
o Release of cash to invest in other profitable projects
Balance sheet structure 
o Improving your solvency and liquidity ratios 
Fiscal benefits
Simple transfer of real estate 
Purchase option 
Tailor made reimbursement  

Other forms of real estate financing may also apply to your property. Cushman & Wakefield has a team of multi-disciplinary experts at your disposal who can provide you with information without obligation and look for the appropriate solutions to your real estate questions. Please do not hesitate to reach out with any questions. 

Coca Cola Brussels

The Bridge

❖ Client: Coca-Cola Services
❖ Volume: € 90 mio
❖ Service and scope: Cushman & Wakefield was mandated for organizing a 10 year sale and leaseback of one of Coca-Cola’s main European hubs.

The Bridge was built early 2000s and serves as an office building with an adjacent pilot plant; housing Coca-Cola Services.

A shortlist of 20 institutional investors, mostly international capital, was targeted through our global network to increase the liquidity and the competitive context of the process.
Because of the targeted approach, investors appreciated being selected to participate and did a very detailed underwriting. This resulted in over 10 visits and 10 offers, far exceeding the initial target pricing.

3M Headquarters Brussels


❖ Client: 3M
❖ Volume: € 10m
❖ Service and scope: Cushman & Wakefield was mandated for organizing the sale and leaseback of the 3M headquarters in Belgium
The property was an aging building on a large plot of land located near the ring road in Zaventem. It was a large office building with a lot of additional redevelopment potential.
Due to the high vacancy rate, there was a problem of liquidity. Together with our research and marketing department we created a story to increase the liquidity. Additionally, we created a business plan for the future buyers to highlight the potential.
Our local network helped us identify some Belgian developers who have shown previous interest in this location. Securing a buyer at an early stage gave 3M the opportunity to discuss their needs with the owner. 3M signed a sale and leaseback for their brand new, tailor made, HQ.


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