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Seamless Property Transitions That Jumpstart Your Real Estate for What’s Next

In the current real estate climate, the expectations placed on property managers have never been higher. As a real estate owner, you expect your property manager to deliver superior tenant experiences, all while seamlessly transitioning your property or portfolio and managing operating expenses and building operations.

So how do we support our property management teams in their evolving tenant experience functions and seamlessly execute a property or portfolio transition, all while providing meticulous attention to compliance oversight?

The solution is our Transitions & Quality Control team, the catalyst that drives successful property and portfolio transitions, and positions our clients and our firm for a productive working relationship. While some property management firms bring in new business off the sides of their desks, our dedicated team makes an impact for our clients by streamlining the transition process and allowing our property managers to do what they do best: maximize asset value.

As the liaisons between the client and transitions coordinators whom they manage, our transitions specialists ensure expectations are met by the property management and accounting teams. Transitions specialists monitor data integrity and accuracy in all aspects of transitions, from the accounting software data, employee allocations and management fees, to financial reporting and property management office setups. They coach and lead our transitions coordinators, who actively track transition activities toward milestones and deadlines, capture key data, complete rent roll approvals, monitor compliance and provide ongoing support to our property management teams.

“Our professionals are the communication liaisons among all parties to ensure a seamless transition for our clients,” says Sandra Boyle, Executive Managing Director, Asset Services. “By handling all aspects of transitions, our property management teams can focus on cultivating tenant relationships and maximizing our clients’ return on investment.”

Organized around our clients and their unique needs, we offer a level of expertise unrivaled by any other firm in the industry and drive consistency and efficiencies across client portfolios in all markets. And we facilitate best practices and information sharing among our internal business units to improve our operational consistency and service delivery, especially in the area of technology.

“By keeping our clients at the center of everything we do, we help ensure continuity and compliance with our knowledge of their portfolios, pain points, processes and property teams,” says Sarah Huelsing, Transitions Manager. “If there are changes in personnel or operations, we assist with facilitating best practices and training that minimize the pains often associated with turnover or organizational change.”

If you’ve spent too much time and energy dealing with transition issues at the expense of growing your business, let us help refocus you on your priorities. Our Transitions & Quality Control team is the solution for a seamless transition and frees up our property managers to meet ever-growing demands for engaging workplace experiences that drive tenant retention and asset value. Start a conversation with us today about how we can jumpstart your real estate on to what’s next with seamless property transitions.

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