Introducing the Virtual Technician—technical support during a turbulent time

Paul Bedborough • 10/7/2020

Virtual Technician (image)

A highly connected world of emerging technology paired with the necessity of social distancing have paved the way for modern technical support

In these unprecedented times, the necessity of social distancing coupled with advancements in communication technology has accelerated the introduction of an innovative new means of technical support: the Virtual Technician. 

The Virtual Technician takes skilled technicians and augments them with top engineers and information from anywhere in the world at any time. 

Virtual Technician (image) In this article, learn how the Virtual Technician provides both a short- and long-term solution and how it helps with: 

  • Hands-on learning  

  • Staying compliant virtually 

  • Improving productivity 

  • Career extension 

  • Technical resourcing   

Read the full article and download the infographic.

Watch the video to learn more:

Virtual Technician (image) Virtual Technician (image)
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