Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month – Gian Rodriguez

Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month with Gian Rodriguez, Managing Principal, Miami and Fort Lauderdale.

Hispanic Heritage Month Article

Q: Do you celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month, September 15-October 15?

I’m the son of Cuban immigrants and I was born and raised in Miami, widely known as the gateway to Latin America, so every month is Hispanic Heritage Month!

Q: What is a way you enjoy celebrating your culture at any time of the year?

Gian RodriguezAt every family event, whether it’s a wedding or getting together for the holidays, there’s always good music (salsa and merengue), laughter and a domino table at the ready.

Q: What aspects of your culture have served as a unique asset to you in your professional success?

My Cuban heritage has given me appreciation and perspective. No matter how tough a day I have or how difficult any deal may be, I know that it pales in comparison to what my grandparents and parents had to endure to get this country more than a half-century ago.

Q: How do you think HOLA, the new Employee Resource Group for Hispanic and Latino colleagues, may be beneficial to our company?

Whether it’s HOLA, Blacks United in Leadership & Development, Cushman & Wakefield Future Leaders, UNITY, Veterans Initiative Program or Women’s Integrated Network, we ALL benefit from any program that brings diversity to the workplace.

Q: Who is a notable Latino figure inspiring to you, and why?

While I support and applaud what notable Latino figures have done to get where they are today—especially the Cuban ones like Arturo Sandoval, Gloria Estefan, Andy Garcia—my biggest inspirations come from within my family.

Q: What are ways that all employees can be champions for diversity in the workplace?

Get to know someone outside of your culture, race, ethnicity or upbringing. It’s a great way to experience personal and professional growth, which ultimately benefits us all.

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