The Rise of the Super Facilities Manager

Facilities management has transformed in the wake of technology.

Rise of the Super Facilities Manager Article

Improvements in technology can help Facility Managers look beyond the surface of the equipment. Advanced analytics almost provides a level of clairvoyance, and changes within basic systems open the door to new possibilities. In a world characterized by superheroes of the silver screen, it is easy to think that all superheroes are fiction. However, there is a new player in the game—the Super Facilities Manager, and he or she is coming to a facility near you.

What Is the Super Facilities Manager?

The Super Facilities Manager refers to the wide-ranging skillset and ways in which active managers can genuinely make a difference in their organizations. As explained by Sam Norton of LinkedIn, the top skills of successful facilities managers include an appreciation for the impact of regulations, the ability to budget and manage finances, an understanding of how the building affects occupants, agility to respond to needs, a willingness to approach even the most severe of emergencies, leadership qualities, and much more. With the advancing level of technology, today’s Facility Managers can take on newly defined roles as energy managers and enact successful change management strategies that give way to improved cost avoidance savings. Unfortunately, the Super Facilities Manager does face some challenges.

What Is the Kryptonite of Super Successful Facilities Managers?

When the Super Facilities Manager puts on his or her super suit, they are empowered to tackle any and all changes and needs for the day. Using actionable data as part of a smart building solutions strategy, the super Facility Manager uses the information to make decisions. This person applies data in meaningful ways, looking beyond the superficial needs of the facility and how minor improvements and system settings lead to real-world results. Unfortunately, the kryptonite of this superhero is the lack of data itself. Poor visibility within the facility will naturally result in inefficiencies, and with more Facility Managers capable of accessing advanced computer power through software-as-a-service systems, there is simply no excuse for failure.

How to Become a Super Facility Hero in Your Organization

Transforming your team from stealth facility management professionals into real superheroes comes down to three critical steps, explains Office Space Software. These include:

  1. Eliminate guesswork in facilities management by using advanced systems and wireless sensors to collect and track data. This goes back to using the Internet of Things (IoT) and sensors to retrofit facility assets.
  2. Processing data with advanced analytics to understand what happens, what might happen, and what should happen in facilities management. The application of such analytics enables insight into operations, the so-called X-ray vision of the Super Facility Manager.
  3. Integrating energy management with all systems of record, providing an endless resource for accurate end-to-end visibility within an organization. Integration also eliminates inaccurate or poorly defined processes, further increasing accountability, and driving meaningful improvements.

Conquer the Villains of Poor Facility Management With the Right Systems and Technology Today

Yes, we all wish we could leap buildings in a single bound. It would definitely make inspecting the roof easier. Unfortunately, we must be more along the lines of Batman, using technology to fight energy and facility crimes and build a better world. It is possible to become a Super Facilities Manager with technology, and that technology will only grow in value. Of course, those that do not make meaningful changes in operational goals today will fall victim to deteriorating buildings.

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