Why Flex Space is a Viable Option for Companies Returning to the Office

Pat Murphy • 6/10/2020
As companies are returning to the office, some are evaluating alternative solutions to bring employees peace of mind about being in a physical space with their colleagues again. When deciding how and when to return, one option companies should take into consideration is flex office space.

Five Oaks flex office

Flexible-use spaces are traditionally located within industrial and business park, meaning their design can accommodate office, R&D, light assembly or technology-oriented uses. Flex space stands out compared to traditional industrial inventory because it typically has individual service doors, full window lines and heavy landscaping.

Compared to traditional office buildings, flex spaces typically offer ground floor entry, no common corridors and separate utility systems. In addition, depending on the location, companies could benefit from a savings of as much as 15% to 30% per square foot on their average rental rates. Companies seeking additional space can expand more cost effectively in a flex space. 

When taking into consideration the Safe Six, a list of six steps companies should consider before returning to the workplace, flex office product offers some key advantages:

1. Prepare the Building:

  • Separate HVAC System
  • No elevators or common areas
  • Direct entry to suite
  • Gyms or conference rooms within suite 

2. Prepare the Workforce:

  • Less cross company interaction to limit possible exposure will assist with employee anxiety

3. Control Access:

  • Keyless entry into suite
  • Advantage of adding mail/package slot to front door

4. Create a Social Distancing Plan:

  • Parking lot layout of flex offices allow for a consistent commuting experience, allowing tenants to enter building directly and bypass extra communal space in parking garages and elevators
  • Layout limits the need to stagger arrival and departure times

5. Reduce Touch Points & Increase Cleaning:

  • Limit number of employees in break area
  • Separate bathrooms

6. Communicate with Confidence

  • Limit solicitation with signs on front door
  • Guest and visitor access by scheduled appointment 

With declining density in office spaces the need for additional space could arise, and flex space offers many positives for companies seeking alternative options. Learn more about Flex Office Space.