Cushman & Wakefield Launches Atlanta Chapter of Veteran’s Initiative Program – Employee Resource Group

With Veteran’s Day approaching, Cushman & Wakefield’s Atlanta office has ramped up our opportunities to give back to the men and women who serve our country as well as our Veterans.

Atlanta Veterans ERG

Cushman & Wakefield values veterans, Guard, and Reserve members and the unique perspective they bring to business. The company actively seeks veterans because they understand what it means to be part of a winning team, that collaboration is an essential ingredient to success, and have an ingrained concept of accountability.

As such, Cushman & Wakefield officially launched the Veteran’s Initiative Program – Employee Resource Group (VIP ERG) and is currently led in the East Region (Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Alabama and Florida) by David Lundeen, Project Manager, Build-to-Suit Advisory Group. The VIP ERG’s purpose is to help integrate Veterans into the fold at Cushman & Wakefield through mentorship, networking, and service opportunities.

The VIP ERG recently organized an opportunity for employees to provide handwritten “Thank You” letters for soldiers currently stationed abroad as part of The Bert Show’s Big Thank You, a drive organized by a local radio show that aims to distribute letters of gratitude to every Soldier deployed for Thanksgiving Day. We collected more than 70 letters from employees and their families.

We are also working on creating partnerships with local and regional organizations that support Veterans like Camp Southern Ground or the Calvin Center, whose mission is to be a “Space Apart for Changing Lives” and offers specialty programs like equine therapy to wounded warriors in the community.

Veterans hold positions throughout our organization, from our executive leadership to the front line. Nearly 275 self-identified U.S. veterans have been hired since the VIP program was established, with a 92% retention rate — doubling the number of self-identified veteran hires in just two years.

Veterans at Cushman & Wakefield find challenging and rewarding work that helps foster a continued sense of purpose directly related to many of their current skills and talents. Just as importantly, they find will find a camaraderie among brothers and sisters, peers and leaders who recognize their unique backgrounds with a culture that honors and respects their contributions in the military and in our organization.

We want veterans at Cushman & Wakefield because we want the best talent available and employees who understand a high-performance culture. We want those who don’t settle for second best. Numerous current professionals have served our country — and we celebrate them. We believe the transition from military service to commercial real estate is a win for veterans, and a win for our firm.

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