Cushman & Wakefield Portland Five Fast Facts

Samuel Hatcher • 5/29/2020
Portland continues to benefit from a talented workforce that recognizes this city as being a stimulating destination to live, work, and play in.

The relatively low cost to live in one of downtown’s close-in neighborhoods, paired with lifestyle options appealing to wine connoisseurs, adventure thrill seekers, and everyone in between, has been a key factor supporting our fundamentals through different market cycles. However, shifting trends in the office and industrial sectors are sure to play a role in what our commercial real estate landscape will look like in the times ahead. High-tech advanced manufacturing and the broad adoption of eCommerce continue to be key market factors driving the demand for industrial warehouse & distribution space across Portland. Tech’s share of employment in Portland makes up between 6-7% of the total workforce, and tech companies migrating and expanding to this area have been key factors supporting recent development and institutional investment into Portland’s office properties. Additionally, co-working and the fully distributed work model are not new to the office scene but will be interesting trends to analyze in a changing office environment.

Despite the disruption of the pandemic, Portland has strong fundamentals and assets that will position the market well for the long term. Here are five key trends......

Portland 5 Fast Facts

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