Jessica Howe • 6/8/2020
“5 Questions” is our way of turning the spotlight on our unbelievably talented and accomplished employees in the Boston office who make stellar contributions both at work and on their own time. We look forward to sharing a different member of our team’s talent with the community each month.

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Originally planning on attending law school, Jessica Howe unexpectedly landed in the commercial real estate world with a position at our Washington DC office. Working with our Project and Development Services team, Jess created and distributed best-in-class marketing materials to our PM colleagues in the field. From there, Jess continued her career trajectory within the Cushman & Wakefield organization taking on more responsibilities within the PDS team before moving up to Boston and working on market development and the Americas Practice Groups. She was recently promoted to the Industry & Specialty Advisory Platform Lead, Americas, is the WIN Chapter Lead for Boston and is on the National WIN Events committee.

Jess took the time to tell us about her journey to the commercial real estate world and her love of running (preferably to beer gardens), arts and crafts and the art of organization. Thanks, Jess!

What do you like most about your job?
I like that I can see the entire company. The Industry & Specialty Advisory Practice Groups (ISAG) are part of a national platform which gives me the opportunity to see into every service line and geography within Cushman & Wakefield. Every day I connect with people from multiple service lines and regions to figure out ways to better serve our clients and highlight our expertise.  I'm sort of like a director of traffic - I connect people to other service lines.

When you’re not working, where are you and what are you doing?
Right now, I'm in my apartment in Charlestown, MA, and the foot of the Bunker Hill Monument. In my free time prior to COVID-19, I would typically run through the city stopping at local beer gardens along my route. Today, I just run, which isn’t as fun! I’m also really into working with my hands and creating things. I am currently hand quilting a map of Boston. My sister and I have a bet to see which is done first - the quilt or the quarantine!

What are your tips for working from home?
I know all the tips I should be doing, but I honestly haven’t done any of them. I have been somewhat successful at starting a morning routine that isn’t going straight to work. Instead of waking up and immediately answering emails, I wait 30 minutes and relax with coffee and a book. I’ve also started doing 10 pushups between calls so watch out!

What’s the professional accomplishment you’re most proud of?
Right now I am most proud of being part of an organization that has been able to pivot so quickly while maintaining our high level of service delivery. I see this in our Recovery Readiness Guides as well as our quick implementation virtual tools.  Personally, I have been working on the TAG Third Thursday Calls. These have been a really great way for our brokers to get educated quickly. They learn what is going on in the industry and economy as well as how we as a company are ready to respond. We have done 12 webinars since March 16. It’s been a great communication tool and I am really proud of the work we’ve accomplished.

Selfishly, I want to add that I am also proud that the fund my sister and I created to honor my nephew who was killed in a bike accident when he was 11 was also able to successfully pivot. Originally created to fund outdoor adventures through the Neighborhood House Charter School, the Nate Howe Adventure Fund will still be able to provide adventures to student this year through books for every student.

Where is your favorite place to get takeout?
I haven’t been getting too much takeout these days, but when I want to try and feel some normalcy, I order the Jenny Special at Jenny’s in Charlestown. What’s great about Jenny’s, besides their food, is that they are donating pizza to essential workers to the companies staying open in Charlestown.

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