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Kansas City Annual Market Report 2020

Matthew Nevinger • 3/10/2021
January of 2020 started with plenty of predictable questions, including how an election year might shape the economy, would the longest economic expansion on record continue, and what kind of impact tariffs would have. By the end of March, all those topics were essentially non-stories as the world grappled with its first pandemic in a century and economies took an immediate hit unlike anything before. It is unlikely that even the small number of people who were familiar with the term “COVID-19” by January 15, 2020 could have described what the rest of the year would look like.

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A Message from our Market Leader

Cushman & Wakefield Kansas City has taken great pride in producing a comprehensive annual report for over 20 years now, but never has one theme dominated a year the way we saw in 2020. In collecting data, comparing it to previous years, and looking for trends, there was always one topic that came to the forefront. Everyone reading this report knows what that was, and we will all be feeling the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic and learning about what changes it created for years to come.

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