U.S. Lodging Industry Overview Year End 2019

Elaine Sahlins • 3/3/2020
We are now into our tenth year of the current U.S. hotel market expansion and while revenue records are still being set, the overall operating results are shifting downward. 

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More Uncertainty, Favorable Financing & Moderating Markets – Let's Make a Deal?

Since the beginning of this post-Great Recession cycle, hotel supply in the U.S. has increased 12.2% while demand has increased 34.7% and overall revenue has grown over 80%. Occupancy remains at its highest level (66.2%) in 25 years and the current average rate of $131.21 represents an approximately 35% increase since the nadir of 2009. But we are now at a notable transition point where the growth rate of RevPAR is slowing compared to the trend lines of supply and demand. Unlike prior downturns, which resulted from external “Black Swan” events, this change in the cycle dynamics has been anticipated for several years. Given that hotel market participants were not surprised by the shifting economic results, investors are still actively seeking deals, but are working harder than ever to be strategic in their transactions.

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