Midwest Industrial Development Overview

Matthew Nevinger • 3/17/2021

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National industrial expansion has been driven by demand for upgraded logistics space. As the epicenter of logistics in the U.S., the Midwest acutely felt that impact. Modern distribution space suited to the high efficiency demands of today’s supply chains has been a major force, but the story of the Midwest market is much more than a minimum clear height and wider column spacing. 

Along with the pressure for logistics and delivery space to serve the e-commerce demands of this sizeable portion of the country, a variety of tenants have entered the market or expanded their presence to support the wide range of businesses that are based in the Midwest. Industrial growth in these areas has also been driven by investment in automotive, aerospace, chemical, pharmaceutical, food, and high-tech manufacturing—facilities that are likely to remain in place and active for years to come as the industrial sector will continue to be a primary driver of economic growth throughout the U.S. 

The markets covered in this report are home to the largest U.S. rail market by tonnage and  by number of cars, two of the nation’s three largest inland ports and has a fast growing air freight presence, along with some of the busiest interstate interchanges in the country.  

Midwest Markets Included: 

  • Chicago 
  • Cincinnati
  • Columbus
  • Indianapolis
  • Kansa city
  • Minneapolis - St. Paul
  • St. Louis 

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Contributors: Gregory Rogalla, Linsey Smith, Jarret Hicks, Matt Niehoff, Patrick Hamilton, Dave Hoebbel, Greg Nelson 

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