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Infographic: Back to the Office

David Smith • 7/22/2021

7 Indicators of improving U.S. market conditions that will fuel commercial real estate activity

A return to the office in the U.S. has been steadily, if slowly, increasing since the vaccine rollout accelerated in March 2021. Many companies are planning for and expect to see significant office usage increases in either summer or early fall.

Keep an eye on these 7 indicators of improving market conditions that will fuel commercial real estate (CRE) activity in the U.S.:

  • A return to “normal” activity  
  • Corporate office reopening timelines 
  • Office utilization
  • Commuting trends 
  • Office tour activity 
  • Job growth
  • Retail and restaurant optimism 


Explore the seven trends in our interactive infographic below or download it to learn more.

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