Biden's First 100 Days: what does it mean for commercial real estate?

Rebecca Rockey • 4/28/2021
Implications for the Property Markets.

President Biden’s First 100 Days

Today marks Joe Biden’s 100th day as President of the United States of America. Our research team walks you through the market positives and negatives, as well as key points related to:

  • COVID-19

  • The Economy

  • Policy

Some notable takeaways from this report include:

  • The U.S. is making significant progress on the vaccine front-herd immunity is expected to be achieved this summer.

  • Partly because of the additional fiscal boost, certain sectors of the U.S. economy are beginning to boom. Some of the latest economic data (e.g., retail sales, job growth) indicates that March of 2021 was one of the strongest months on record.)

  • Tremendous capital is in the system. Debt markets are functioning well and fundraising to be invested in property is at record highs.

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