Atlanta Office Supply Study

Christa DiLalo • 6/3/2020
Atlanta has emerged as a high-growth Sunbelt market with a strong urbanization trend. Premier tenants have sought premier space, driven by the diverse economy, comparatively low cost of living, and emergence as a key technology hub.

Atlanta office supply

Atlanta’s economic growth is reflective of the demand for new, high quality space, and the market has been delivering accordingly.

Office construction has been robust in recent years, with nearly 6.7 msf of new inventory delivering since 2017. With a current vacancy rate of only 10.1%, compared to Metro Atlanta's 18.3%, the appetite for first generation space within new supply is apparent.

Other significant factors that could impact Atlanta's vacancy are subleases, coworking sites, and large block lease rollover. Further exploration into these areas offers a more comprehensive understanding of some potential influences on Atlanta's supply.

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