The Value of Returning to the Office

Robbie Baty • 3/31/2021
It has been a year since the pandemic began, and the majority of workers are eager to get back to the office. However, the way people use the office will undoubtedly look different than it did a year ago.

Some people will return to the office on a full time basis, others will be back on a more limited schedule, and still others will work from home on a permanent basis. Our clients are evaluating how these different work styles will impact the health of their respective company cultures and employee productivity.

Our Cushman & Wakefield research team has surveyed thousands of workers to uncover the challenges that people have been facing over the past year, with the results detailed below. Some consistent problems that employees have reported while working from home include: feelings of disconnection from teams, absence of effective mentorship, lack of engagement and declining company culture. It has become abundantly clear that the physical office serves an essential function to the health of organizations and their workers.

Whether your employees are planning a full return to work or to come in on certain days to collaborate, one thing that is certain is that there will definitely be a need for a physical office presence in the post pandemic world.Experience per square foot graphic